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This is the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team consisting of members from Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. DMORT members are professionals from many fields with the goal of serving others, whenever and wherever needed. 

DMORT is under the leadership of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.  For further information, contact any member.


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Members of DMORT VIII can have their very own name@dmort8.org email address and mail box.  Please email Webmaster for details      


DMORT VIII Members note:  

Please make sure your current information is on file with  Richard Lipich Dmort VIII Admininistrative Officer. 

Members have contributed on numerous deployments including New York City from September 11, 2001 thru June, 2002.  Also deployed at the Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City, 2001.  Alaska Airlines crash was also attended by members of this organization.  Members also were deployed at the Egypt Airlines Crash, 1999, and the Korean Air disaster, 1997.  The Oklahoma City bombing was also a deployment for region VIII.   Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were recent deployments for our members, both in Louisiana and Mississippi.

This is a Federal Level Response team designed to provide mortuary assistance in the case of a mass fatality incident or cemetery related incident. We work under the local jurisdictional authorities such as Coroner/Medical Examiners, Law Enforcement and Emergency Managers.


DMORT Region VIII is under the leadership of Lance Peterson, Commander. 

Deputy Commanders are Alan Siddoway, Charles Bowman and Julie Stringer.


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